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How do I pick the right size underwear for my child?

Just visit our Size Guide here to find the perfect size undies. If in doubt, contact us and we'll help you make your final selections. And no worries mom/dad...we have a great exchange policy to make sure you're happy.


Are your undies easy for my child to pull up/down?

Yes. I’ve designed the waistbands with extra wide and comfortable cloth-covered elastic which makes them extremely easy to push down and pull up. Great for potty training and teaching this part of the process (covered in my book).

Will your undies help my child self-dress?

If you want to teach your child easy self-dressing, consider ordering the Bear/LEARN pattern of Tiny Undies - they are designed specifically to teach this task.

When should I choose trainers vs. undies? What is the difference?

If you are doing elimination communication, you can use training pants during outings, nighttime, and daycare, and any other time you'd like to keep pants and surfaces more dry than undies will keep them. Tiny Trainers have a double-layer of needle-punched cotton that will usually absorb a small to medium sized pee, but pants will still get wet. Normally, though, they will keep the floor from being wet. Most other brands of training pants do not offer this much absorbency. For EC, undies will help a child feel like they are not wearing diapers and can sometimes enhance the learning process. Learn more in my EC book .

If you are doing potty training with a 2 or 3 year old, you would do better going from diapers to undies as opposed to training pants - they feel less like diapers. However, you can also use training pants to help as a back-up during outings, nighttime, and daycare. Learn more in my potty training book.

The main difference between my trainers and undies is absorbency. Tiny Trainers have a double -layer of needle-punched cotton in the center as well as two layers of regular cotton. Tiny Undies are a single layer of regular cotton.

If you need help with your decision, hit the chat button in the corner of this page or contact us here.

Are the colors going to match those on my screen?

Two things: 1. We don’t know how the resolution or contrast on your mobile device or computer is set up, so the color you see may not match, exactly, the color of undies or trainers you receive. 2. Our undies/trainers are naturally-dyed, which has some dye variation inherent in the dyeing process. We try to control variations as much as possible but sometimes the color you receive may vary from what you see online. Thanks for understanding, and for enjoying what you receive…we love all of the colors and are sure you will, too!

Do your undies have extra padding in them?

No. They are a single layer of cotton. Please see our Tiny Trainers for a padded option.

Do your training pants need a cover?

If you want to keep pants dry and your child is still having pee accidents or misses, you can optionally cover Tiny Trainers with our new TinyUps cloth pull-up covers. Tiny Trainers usually absorb a small to medium sized pee, but since they have no plastic or PUL layer, the liquid can go into the pants (and couch) as well. But, generally, the liquid does stay off the floor without a cover. Again, your mileage may vary.

Will your products shrink?

Yes, they are 100% cotton, so you can expect up to 6% shrinkage. Please see our Care Instructions, below.

Do you use organic cotton?

Our underwear and training pants are made from 100% natural cotton that is OEKO-TEX-100 certified. This certification is even more strict than most organic certifications. Our cotton fabric is also certified azo-dye-free. If you want to go even more natural, we offer a natural unbleached/undyed option in our undies and trainers.

Are your products made in the USA?

I am presently researching production here in North Carolina, getting price quotes from cut and sew shops, and even considering opening up my own cut and sew shop to give you more variety and higher quality at the same inexpensive cost. Please stay tuned and I’ll let you know when this has happened. In the meanwhile, all Tiny Undies currently for sale in my online shop were designed here in Asheville, North Carolina, and manufactured by an eco-conscious, BSCI certified sweatshop-free manufacturer in China, sewn by mothers who earn a fair wage.


Can I buy your products in a physical store?

At this time it makes more sense to only sell our products online. However, we've slowly been offering wholesale accounts to various small shop owners and Go Diaper Free coaches in our network. But, generally, they are not found in stores near you to keep our small, mama-run business sustainable. You can find them here and only here!

Do you offer bulk discounts or wholesale pricing?

Only on a case-by-case basis. Please email us for more info.

Can I buy less than/more than 3 pair on an individual basis, a mixed color package, or patterns?

At this time we only offer 3-packs of a single color. We occasionally offer a limited-time fabric design that has patterns. And we occasionally offer a mixed color package to celebrate a holiday. But, generally, we make gender-neutral, solid-colored underwear for young children...and they are simple, by-design.

How many pair of Undies/Trainers do I need?

This varies by child, of course, but my experience has been that for every child you will need 9-12 pairs of underwear or training pants. This amounts to 3 or 4 of our 3-packs (and that quantity might just earn you free shipping, btw!). This will give you adequate stock to rotate if you have a lot of pee misses or accidents, and/or don’t get to your laundry immediately every single time. 

How many Tiny Bums cloth diapers should I order?

When doing elimination communication with your baby, for a full cloth diapering set, I recommend purchasing 3 covers (which all come with 1 insert, each), and 5 more 3-packs of inserts, which would give you 18 inserts and 3 covers to start with. If you find you need more inserts in a day, feel free to purchase a few more 3-packs or use prefolds inside the covers, instead.

Can I change my order prior to shipping?

In order to provide the best service to our customers we do not allow cancellations or changes after an order has been placed. However, you may request a return or exchange once you receive your order. See returns/exchanges for more details.

What currency do you use for the price of your products?

The prices on the site are in US dollars.



Do you ship to (name a country)?

Yes! We will ship anywhere. During checkout you'll be able to preview your shipping charges prior to paying for your order. We ship all international orders via United States Postal Service. Note, we are not responsible for any additional duties charged to you by your carrier, if any. Although we don't normally see this sort of thing, it has happened in the past.

Recent country-determined shipping guidelines related to Covid-19 protocols have affected what shipping service we can use to ship to your country. Some countries may require priority or express services. While we strive to be able to ship to anywhere, please review the shipping guidelines and charges that may apply to your country. 

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping to the US (only) if your product total, before tax or shipping, is $65 USD or more. Please select “free shipping” at checkout if you’ve reached this amount.

How long will it take to get my shipment?

COVID-19 update 4/29/20 - We are still alive and well over here at Tiny Undies shipping in Asheville, North Carolina, working every day as usual, and busier than ever with the increased interest in EC and potty training across the globe! However, the USPS is a bit slow these days...causing delays of a few days domestically to up to a few weeks internationally. All we can do is promise WE will ship out within 1-2 days...the rest is unfortunately up to the Postal Service, and I have faith that very soon all will be back to normal. Meanwhile, expect a few days' delay and be sure to stock up! xx Andrea, Owner, Tiny Undies + Go Diaper Free.

We ship via USPS only (they are the fastest and most economical for the both of us!) - First Class Mail unless your order is over 13oz, in which case it will be sent Priority Mail. If you select Priority Mail (or if you have an order over 13oz) you will generally receive your items more quickly. If you select First Class (if it's an option), you will generally pay less but it will take slightly more time in most instances. If you are taking advantage of our “free shipping over $65” offer, know that this is only good for First Class shipping via USPS in the US at this time (and if it's over 13oz, this free shipping would be at Priority Mail speed - win/win!). We generally ship out within 5-7 business days of receiving your order.

Please note that items from the Swags and Accessories collection ship separately from other items purchased from our store. The estimated shipping time is 5-7 days.

How do you ship?

We currently ship via the United States Postal Service. They rock.

Can I track my shipment?

Of course! All shipments, domestic and international, are labeled with USPS tracking numbers. When your item ships we send you an email with your unique tracking number in it. Open that email. Click the tracking number link that’s inside and you will go to the USPS website to see where your package is and when it is scheduled to arrive. Give it 24 hours from the time you get that email before the tracking info will be in the USPS system.

Care Instructions

How do I care for my Tiny Undies?

We recommend you wash on cold and tumble dry on a low or medium setting to reduce shrinkage, as at these young ages, every inch counts. Ironing is not necessary. If you are worried about potential shrinkage, size up one step.

How do I care for my Tiny Trainers?

When you first receive your training pants, wash and dry them one to three times to "fluff" them (the center core will expand and become more absorbent). But, use a cold/low setting for the wash and the dry. From then on, we recommend you wash on cold and tumble dry on a low or medium setting to reduce shrinkage, as at these young ages, every inch counts. Ironing is not necessary. If you are worried about potential shrinkage, size up one step.

How do I care for my TinyUps?

We recommend you wash your TinyUps with warm water (no dry cleaning) and tumble dry on a low or medium setting to reduce shrinkage. Do not bleach. Ironing is not necessary. If you have an ammonia smell that simply won't go away, this happens depending on the strength of your child's "strip cloth diapers" to learn how to "strip" your covers of stinkiness.

How do I care for my Tiny Bums?

We recommend you wash your Tiny Bums with warm water (no dry cleaning) and tumble dry on a low or medium setting to reduce shrinkage. Do not bleach. Ironing is not necessary. If you have an ammonia smell that simply won't go away, this happens depending on the strength of your child's "strip cloth diapers" to learn how to "strip" your covers and inserts of stinkiness.


What is your returns policy?

We accept returns of any unwashed/unworn item in its original packaging (excluding clearance items). Items may be exchanged or returned for a full refund within 30 days of delivery. We are a small shop with limited inventory and your return will likely end up in the hands of other mamas after we receive and inspect it, so please use care in packaging it to mail back to us.

All US and International Orders: Begin the easy return/exchange process by contacting us here. Returns and exchanges are free if it was our error (damage, sizing off, wrong item). If you ordered the wrong size or changed your mind, you will be asked to pay shipping both directions. If it is a combination of your and our error, we'll split the cost.

Please do not ship anything back to us without first contacting us. That way we can be sure to take care of you immediately and accurately!

All clearance item sales are final, no returns/no exchanges. Thank you.

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