Mini Potty

Mini Potty

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The Mini Potty is a 
super-short, lightweight potty chair designed to help babies and young toddlers gain potty independence with less resistance and fewer tantrums 💁‍♀️; perfect for use at home, on the go, or during road trips.

With a high splash guard and a skid-proof bottom, it's ideal for children from newborns (in the EC position) through age 2, especially for new walkers and petite toddlers, allowing them to “do it myself.”

The Mini Potty is smaller than most, with a reinforced handle for easy dumping 💪, and comes in five gender-neutral colors; designed in Asheville and made in the USA from recyclable plastic, it's a great choice for eco-conscious parents.

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I’ve been using the tiny potty with my 4 mo baby for about a month. It’s more comfortable than the top hat and helps keep all his pee contained without me having to hold him down. It has also helped my lo discover his toes and gives him the opportunity to plant his feet on the floor while using the potty. This allows him to push up and let me know he’s done.

Jayme V.

I wanted to tell you this potty seat has changed our world. I used to think my son was colicky. Turns out he was fussy because he needed to pee or poo and then was fussy once he did it in his diaper. He is such a happy baby now. 95% of the time he enjoys sitting on the potty seat. He has used the potty for almost every poo since we got the seat about 3 weeks ago.  Pee is a bit harder for him but still it has reduced the diapers by 2/3. Little Boston using the potty seat.


Hello! Just wanted to share that we received today our baby potty and within minutes of putting it on the ground my 14-month-old daughter sat on it by herself and peed. I'm elated! She hasn't been able to seat herself on the baby bjorn big potty so it's always me dropping what I'm doing to pick her up and carry her to the pot when she signals. She doesn't walk yet. So I'm just thrilled to see her do this independently! Thank you for making such a little potty. I think this is going to make a world of difference for my own peace of mind.