About Tiny Undies

It all began when my diaper-free 10 month old had nothing to wear.

When I did elimination communication (a fancy term for EC, or infant potty training) with my son, from birth, we faced a big problem when he was done with daytime diapers at 9 months old:  no underwear fit him!

All the undies on the market sagged, drooped, and fell right off…the smallest available being 18 months (doubtful) and the next size up being 2T (Really? They’re for 3 year olds, people).

OK. So there are no underwear for a child less than 3 years old? Nope. None that I can afford, anyway. And certainly none that fit.

A few years after that, after having the same issue with my daughter at 13 months when we ditched diapers, I’d had enough. In 2014 I began designing the Tiny Undies you see today: cute, gender-neutral, with an anatomically-correct fit.

I surveyed over 1,000 of my fans to see what colors, sizes, and quality they were hoping for in Tiny Undies. Then, I decided to begin with 3 colors, a natural un-dyed version, and 4 sizes.

(It turns out that parents of 3 year olds in our community can’t even get underwear that fit their tiny bums! I never would have imagined the need for smaller underwear that fit well, were easy to pull on and off, and didn’t have gaudy prints all over them. Sweet!)

I found a remarkable manufacturing team: sweatshop-free, eco-conscious, super high quality, and very good at what they do. We went through a few rounds of design and sales officially began in February of 2015.

I’m so excited to be able to provide something that all parents can use with their tiny-bottomed kids: awesome small toddler and baby underwear!

About Andrea Olson

I've pottied all my babies from birth.

I am the proud mama of 6 children - all ECed from birth, all out of diapers by walking - and owner of Go Diaper Free and Tiny Undies. However, when I started Elimination Communication with my first baby, I struggled with how to actually potty my newborn - where were all the visual, simple instructions? Were there any other parents doing EC? 

Since then, I have made it super-simple for 100,000s of parents worldwide to start EC with their own babies as early as birth...and I have trained over 300 coaches to host EC communities across the globe. At Tiny Undies I sell undies and potties for newborns and up. And I teach new mamas with tiny babies and big dreams how to start a biz while balancing all the things over at The Mompreneur Collective Facebook Group.

I live in Asheville, NC, with her kiddos, dog, cat, and (at last count) 18 backyard chickens and a truly mean rooster.

About Elimination Communication (0-18 mos)

If you really want some Tiny Undies but your 0-18 month baby is still in diapers, learn how to reduce your dependence upon those diapers and ultimately go diaper-free with EC. My first was out of diapers at 9 months, my second at 13, and I know many adults whose grandparents trained their own parents between 12-18 months. EC is how. You can start at ANY age between 0-18 months, either part-time or full-time, with diapers as a back-up or not, day, night, or both.

Learn more about getting your 0-18 month baby out of diapers by getting my EC book right here…today.

About Potty Training
(18 months+)

If you really want some Tiny Undies but your 18 month+ toddler is still in diapers (some, part, or all of the time), or is having accidents like crazy, you can potty train effectively (or finish potty training for good) with my non-coercive potty training method. In my new book I take it back to the way grandma used to potty train: firm yet gentle, clear and consistent. You can start at ANY age (usually folks start at around 18 months when they find out about me) and it’s possible to complete the process in an average of 7 days.

Learn more about getting your child out of diapers by getting my new book, The Tiny Potty Training Book, right here…today.

Now that we know each other better, let's get you some undies!