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What parents are saying about tiny undies...

When I went to look for undies for my 6 month old boy, I was SO disappointed that my options were almost all superhero undies (girls options were all princesses). I don’t mind some gendered options, but all boys aren’t macho and all girls aren’t femmy, especially as babies! Thanks for offering gender-neutral undies!

Anna, USA

Great product…it’s impossible to find underwear for a tiny-waisted boy who is nappy-free. I even had to take out old trousers as nothing fits him any more!!

CiCi, UK

My daughter potty learned of her own accord at 18 months but was small for her age and all underwear was too big initially. I have since found out about EC and we’re doing well with our little boy but he is even smaller than her so we definitely need smaller undies!

Joy, USA

Thank you so much for this! With my son, we just went underwear-free under his sweat pants when he was too small for undies, but my daughter, especially during the summer while wearing dresses, was a different story! We wound up using too-big panties.

Lauren, USA

My little 20 month old is just over 22lbs and slender. The smallest sizes in the store literally fall off of her little tush when she runs around the house. They’re a nightmare in sandy/dirty play areas especially if she’s wearing a dress. I’d been scouring the internet, the EC community, cloth diaper stores, amazon… NO ONE has tiny panties but you!

Rachel, Canada