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This small mini potty (version two!) totally makes it possible for the shorties to “do it myself” and be potty independent with less resistance and tantrums. :)

Lightweight, throw one in the living room, bathroom, minivan, diaper bag.

New and improved skid-proof bottom! (Please continue to use over a small potty-sized rug, bathmat, or carpet, or a splash pad of some sort - for the sprinkles.)

Just one hunk of lightweight plastic, plus a newly reinforced handle in the back, so your LO can actually dump it on his own - another key to potty independence, for sure.

High splash guard up front to prevent baby boys from peeing over the edge.

Perfectly-sized potty for ages 2 months (when baby can control her neck, you can hold her on it, of course!) thru 2 years old...especially the newly-walking.

If your child can not easily mount their mini potty without your help, you're gonna have elimination communication trouble and potty training regression! The Baby Potty - Mini Potty will solve this problem and increase your baby's chances at full potty independence.

This potty is approximately 10.5 inches long by 8.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide. Shorter than any other mini potty on the market. Super. Small. Footprint.

For the can-do, shorter, earlier-potty-trained type of LO. In 4 lovely gender-neutral colors.

Recyclable plastic #5. Designed in Asheville by Mama of 5 and author Andrea Olson, made in China.

Dimensions: 11" x 8.8" x 5.5"
Weight: 6 oz

Care Instructions: after use, dump contents into toilet and flush, then rinse potty with warm soapy water and/or wipe with a sanitizing wipe of your choice. Dishwasher-safe, top rack.


Now for some pics!

(This is 5 year old Isadora pottying her 4 week old little sister on my new mini potty.)

(Ours is the one second from the left!!)

And...I made them lightweight so little ones can learn to dump them, themselves.

(That is a rug from IKEA. Love.)

And I just love these new potties!!! B loves them, too. Because with these? He can be 100% toilet independent. (Score for this mama of 5!)

(This is a comparison of the 3.5 and 2 year old in my house.)

(Here is Twyla 8 weeks and Branson 21 you can see the amazin size difference.)


(And swapped!)

(And me holding Twyla at 4 weeks old over the turquoise mini fave color of the lot.)

( size comparison! Seriously my new potty is THE best for tiny hinies, right?)

Okay so if all these photos didn't convince ya, I have videos:


and the new mini potty versus the old model:

And finally, take a look at our Mini Potty (version two!) perfectly-sized for ages 2 months (when baby can control her neck, you can hold her on it, of course!) thru 2 years old...especially the newly-walking. Made with recyclable plastic #5 and comes in 4 lovely gender-neutral colors.

Hope ya'll love this potty as much as we do!!!



Owner here and at and designer of this potty (and mama of 5)


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