[PREORDER] The Baby Potty - Top Hat Potty Round Two

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****PRE-ORDERS NOW OPEN FROM 2/11-2/18****

We've found a new manufacturer and potties are already on their way in 4 beautiful colors, in BPA-free, recyclable plastic, and can be pre-ordered here on indiegogo ONLY from 2/12/18-2/18/18. Click here to learn more and place your pre-order.

This is Andrea's #1 recommended accessory for those doing elimination communication with their babies.

The top hat potty can be held between the thighs for baby to use at ages 0-12 months of age (sometimes older, depending on the size of the baby).

It is great for nighttime EC, EC on the go, and travel, as well as for an everyday potty for a small baby.

These were taken off the market in Singapore where I used to get them, so I am now manufacturing an improved version of this potty which includes a cozy and rubber band, for comfort and slip-prevention, respectively.

Recyclable, made of lightweight and BPA-free plastic, you can bring this potty with you anywhere.

Comes with everything you need:

  • one recyclable, BPA-free top hat potty
  • one 100% cotton fleece top hat potty cozy, for comfort and spray protection
  • one 5"x5/8" natural rubber band to be placed on neck of potty to prevent slippage.

Here is a video showing how to use the top hat potty:

Again, please pre-order yours today here, by February 18, 2018.





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