Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Definitions: In these terms and conditions, "wholesaler" refers to Tiny Undies LLC, a company registered in the United States of America, and "buyer" refers to any person or entity who places an order with the wholesaler to purchase products for resale.

Orders: Wholesale orders can be placed via email or online. The minimum order amount and quantity will be set by the wholesaler and communicated to the buyer.

Payment: All orders must be paid in full via Shopify invoice before the order will be shipped. Payment can be made via credit card or other payment methods supported by Shopify. The wholesaler will send an invoice to the buyer once the order is confirmed. Any discrepancies or issues with the invoice must be reported to the wholesaler within 5 business days of receipt. The buyer is responsible for all fees associated with the payment method.

Shipping: Shipping fees will be calculated based on the weight and destination of the order. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, including customs duties and taxes.

Returns: Returns will be accepted for defective or damaged merchandise only. The buyer must notify the wholesaler of any issues with the merchandise within 5 business days of receiving the shipment.

Delivery: The wholesaler will use its best efforts to ship the order within the agreed-upon timeframe. However, the wholesaler will not be liable for any delays in shipping due to circumstances beyond its control, such as natural disasters, labor strikes, or other unforeseeable events.

Product Information: The wholesaler will provide accurate and complete information about its products, including pricing, product descriptions, and specifications. Wholesale prices may change without notice.

Confidentiality: The buyer agrees to keep all confidential information obtained from the wholesaler confidential and not to disclose it to any third party.

Intellectual Property: The buyer agrees not to use any of the wholesaler's intellectual property, including trademarks, logos, and product names, without the wholesaler's prior written consent. The buyer is also prohibited from selling the wholesaler's products on Amazon or other third-party platforms, and from impersonating the wholesaler's brand in any way.

Termination: Either party may terminate the agreement at any time with written notice to the other party.

Governing Law: This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States of America and the state in which the wholesaler is located.

By completing our Wholesale Application and/or placing an order, the buyer agrees to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between the buyer and the wholesaler and supersede all prior agreements, proposals, or representations, whether written or oral. If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable or invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.