Tiny Trainers - small cotton training pants, 3-pack

Tiny Trainers - small cotton training pants, 3-pack

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A 3-pack of our absorbent training pants - cotton inside and out for the best protection and most comfort.

Each package contains 3 pair of one size tiny baby or toddler training pants: 100% cotton shell with two layer 100% cotton core, all natural, sweatshop-free.

  • Made of super-soft 100% OEKO-TEX Certified cotton with eco-friendly dyes on colored styles (natural color is undyed/unbleached), these training pants are BCSI-Certified sweatshop-free and free from harmful chemicals.
  • Absorbent core consists of two layers of naturally bleached needle-punched cotton that will not bunch or shift over time; with the first wash and dry, core will "fluff" up like a cloth diaper prefold does; protects clothing and floor from a small- to mid-sized pee, and keeps a large pee from soaking everything much better than Gerber training pants (which have a single layer polyester core).
  • Great for potty training and elimination communication, Tiny Trainers training pants have a double-layer crotch to keep your floors and clothing relatively dry while still enabling your child to feel wet when an accident or "miss" occurs.
  • Low-rise, anatomically-correct fit for babies, young toddlers, and older toddlers who typically have a tiny waist and protruding belly; tag-free and itch-free. The Tiny Trainers rise is slightly higher than that of our Tiny Undies to compensate for the lack of stretch in the padded area of the training pants, and to enhance the ease of pulling up/pushing down.
  • For nighttime training pant use, simply cover one or two layers of Tiny Trainers with a wool diaper cover or wool longies or shorties for the ultimate in bed protection.
  • For extra protection in the daytime, cover one pair of Tiny Trainers with a wool, fleece, or cotton flannel diaper cover or longies/shorties, or use two layers of Tiny Trainers.
  • Unisex design and colors make them reusable for multiple children (and solid colors make it easy to spot wetness); waistband and leg gussets are flexible and soft, making them easy to pull up and down, without being oversized or baggie, which makes Tiny Trainers comfortable to wear all the time; see size chart in images for correct fit.
  • Mama-owned small company in the USA (Andrea is an Elimination Communication and potty training expert here in North Carolina).

Here's a video to show you these features!

Size Chart

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Customer Reviews

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Renee M.

I love these training pants! I also notice the more I wash them the more they soak more pee when my son has an accident! My son definitely communicates more and has less accidents when wearing these! He understands that these get soaked
So he would rather wait to potty! Also if you put the tiny ups over it accidents of pee won’t go through! I prefer tiny trainers alone though so I can observe when he pees and learn his patterns! Thanks again for making it easier for us!

Noel M.
Soft and Comfy

Love the way these fit.. I got the 12 month size and they are able to fit on my 5 mo old. Will see whether she can continue to wear until 12 mo. More comfortable than any diaper but still able to absorb one pee. Love them!

Jessica A.

Just what my LO needed! They fit a million times better than the brands at Target/Walmart. My 2 y/o is big for her age and typically wears 3T clothes. I followed the measurements on the size chart and the 3T fit perfectly!