Tiny Bums - all-in-one cloth diapers

Tiny Bums - all-in-one cloth diapers

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One size. Soft liner. Includes one soaker.

Tiny Bums all-in-one cloth diapers are Andrea's favorite diaper back-up for elimination communication.

These covers have lots of snaps to make them adjustable to grow with your baby from 8 to 34 pounds.

The cover is made with a soft polyester waterproof PUL barrier and lined with an all-natural, quick-drying bamboo microfleece.

(When doing EC, with Andrea's Quick Diaper Set-up, it is essential to have a soft, non-plastic-lined inside to the diaper you're using.)

Plus, every diaper comes with one bamboo microfleece insert. (Order an extra 3-pack of inserts here.)

Use the cover over a pair of Tiny Trainers if you're doing nighttime toilet training, on outings, or as a daily back-up.

Tiny Bums cloth diapers are great for transitioning from disposable diapers to cloth diapers (and then onward to Tiny Trainers and Tiny Undies after that!).



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