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CLEARANCE - TinyUps cloth pull-up covers, single pair

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**We will try to keep inventory as up-to-date as possible, but these styles are moving quickly. Because these items are being offered at such a high discounted rate, you may receive a substituted design, but you'll receive the size you select.**

ALL SALES FINAL ON CLEARANCE ITEMS!! We are discontinuing certain styles, only. They are all brand-new items.

If you want to protect your child's clothing from wetness, keep your floors dry, avoid lay-down diaper-changing struggles by dressing baby standing up, send your young toddler to preschool/daycare in something other than a diaper, and/or have a comfortable at-home back-up to prevent baby from peeing whenever/wherever....TinyUps are a new cloth pull-up cover that can serve a variety of purposes. <3


SOLO - for those doing Elimination Communication with their babies, or just wanting an around-the-house extra layer while you are busy tending to other things, you can use TinyUps with nothing underneath to give baby a very clear sensation of how it is to be wet, without too much collateral damage (yes, the floor and pants may get wet, but maybe not!). Some babies will stop at "pre-pee" and finish on the toilet. Some, not all, and definitely great as a teaching tool!

OVER TRAINERS - this is like a cloth diaper replacement, pull-up-style. Pair TinyUps over Tiny Trainers and experience diaper-freedom like no other. No, I don't guarantee you won't have leaks, but if you're working on a diaper-free reality, you should be working on it, not using this as a toilet...and, yep, these pants will help to "catch" what you miss. Great for daycare/preschool, time at Grandma's, time in the car, time at home, on outings...and even naps (although, yes, leaks are more possible than diapers...but we're trying to stop using diapers by using TinyUps, yes?).

OVER UNDIES - on outings or at daycare...but you have the occasional pre-pee or wet pants? Using Tiny Undies under TinyUps is a great idea for those who want baby to feel sensitive to wetting herself while also protecting pants and classroom...without the extra layer of absorbency. Some babies do better in undies because they feel less like a diaper. Some just don't need a very thick layer of padding. If this is you, put TinyUps over Undies and feel some peace of mind (again, this is not a leak-proof solution, and TinyUps are a little bulky, so use this just when necessary).



1. Pull-up cloth diaper cover alternative: a natural step between diapers and undies. Ever had trouble changing your baby laying down? You can replace your current velcro or snap-happy cloth diaper covers with TinyUps and use these over Tiny Trainers as a great transition back-up between cloth diapers and regular undies.

2. Developmentally-appropriate stand-up dressing. Set your child on a low stool and have them put their feet into the leg holes of the TinyUps, one by one, then have them stand up and pull them up over the rump. Then have them sit again and put on pants in the same manner. This is a Montessori-friendly pull-up cover that aids in eventual self-dressing and upright diaper changes.

3. Protective cover for training pants or underwear: keep pants and floor dry. Whether on outings or overnight, if your child is still learning and you want things to be a bit drier, TinyUps can be used over Tiny Trainers or Tiny Undies for an added layer of water-resistant protection. (Note: TinyUps on their own will leak if there is a medium to large sized miss, so always layer over something else if this is you!)

4. Elimination communication back-up. The extra layer of bamboo fleece down the crotch is somewhat absorbent (but these are NOT training pants and will not absorb a whole pee miss), so you can use these solo, with no trainers or undies underneathm for around-the-home EC observation and diaper-freedom for a child who is already poop-trained!


TinyUps have so many uses, but they are NOT for older children. They are typically for our 2 year olds and below, but see the size chart below if your child usually wears smaller clothing.


Also note that TinyUps are not very slim...especially size Large. They are somewhat bulky for a reason: they were made to allow room for pairing over Trainers or Undies, and also the bulkiness allows them to be more easily pushed down and pulled up by the child (to aid in independent toileting and dressing).

A size Medium, worn solo, on Branson, 12 months old and 23 pounds. He is 65th percentile in weight and 15th percentile in height for his age. This is a little snug on his legs but we pull them up and over that chubby upper thigh and they fit great right now.

size medium TinyUps cloth pullup covers

A size Large, worn solo, on Cooper, 32 old months and 34 pounds. He is 40th percentile in weight and 6th percentile in height for his age. This is the bulkiest size.

Get your hands on the TinyUps - cloth pull-up covers that consist of a PUL outer shell and a delicious lining of eco-friendly bamboo fleece, with 3 snaps on the side for easy removal in case of a #2 accident. Watch this video to see more of it's unique features -


Lastly, note that these will leak if you do not pair them over some other back-up. If you only have occasional "pre-pees," I've tested these for EC at home with a 1 year old and they worked great with my poop-trained son. However, in the car with only a pair of TinyUps on? He leaked straight thru to pants and seat.

These are NOT diapers, they are tools for teaching, and as such should be expected to leak IF you use them as a primary wearable toilet. :)


TinyUps consist of a PUL outer shell and a delicious lining of eco-friendly bamboo fleece, with 3 snaps on the side for easy removal in case of a #2 accident.

Outer Material: 100% Polyester Waterproof PUL
Inner Material: 100% Bamboo Fiber Micro-Polar Fleece


We recommend you wash your Tiny Ups with warm water (no dry cleaning) and tumble dry on a low or medium setting to reduce shrinkage. Do not bleach. Ironing is not necessary.


If you want to pair over Tiny Trainers/Undies, here is a reference guide for what size TinyUps matches with which size Tiny Trainers/Undies:

Size SMALL TinyUps pair well over Size 6 and 12 month Tiny Trainers/Undies

Size MEDIUM TinyUps pair well over Size 12 month and 18 month Tiny Trainers/Undies

Size LARGE TinyUps pair well over size 18 month, 2T, and 3T Tiny Trainers/Undies


xx Andrea



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