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CLEARANCE - Brave New Birth BOOK

CLEARANCE - Brave New Birth BOOK

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Digital book is an instant download (PDF). For paperbacks, we ship with USPS. All versions come with the Book Owners’ Website Resources, including private support group, free for a limited time.

Who this book is for
Unassisted birth. Freebirth. Self-directed birth. An undisturbed birth sounds great in theory, but how is it done?

Whether you want practical guidance for an unassisted birth or simply want to deepen your understanding of natural birth in general, this book is the how-to manual you've been waiting for.

Introducing the idea of a Brave New Birth - any birth where the mother and baby are free to birth by instinct and are given the privacy and safety necessary for the body and baby to birth themselves, without interference, intervention, or being watched/measured/observed.

About the Book & Bonus Materials
Brave New Birth is more than just a book…it comes with online doula support and a package of multimedia bonuses that help you embody your freebirth preparation.

Free lifetime updates anytime Andrea updates or adds to the digital book, audiobook, or bonus materials, you'll get the newest version sent to your inbox. the freshest freebirth information, all the time.

The Digital Book
A vibrant 241 page digital book. Easy to search and hop around. Read instantly on any computer, smartphone, or tablet & save trees. Here's a shortlist of what we'll cover in this book:

  • Learn 9 core ideas underlying unassisted birth
  • Decide whether freebirth is for you.
  • Plan and prepare during an autonomous pregnancy
  • Explore basic biological truths and decode sensations
  • Understand the natural flow of labor, variations of normal, and red flags to look out for
The Audiobook (forthcoming)
Listen to the whole Brave New Birth book, on-the-go, from any device. professionally recorded, divided up by chapters. MP3 format. Estimated completion August 2021.

The Paperback book (available in paperback package only)
We also offer a paperback version of the book, which still comes with a digital copy that you can instantly start reading while you wait for the post office to deliver your physical book.

The Book Owners' Bonus Materials 
A collection of multimedia resources that completes the "hands-on" experience the book introduces. your online membership 
dashboard contains the following:
  • private doula-run support group
  • private how-to video library
  • printables library

About the Author, Andrea Olson
I’m a mom of five children born over a span of eight years. Yes, in some ways, I'm a little nuts. Three of them were born at home, and two of those three were born unassisted - freebirth, they call it. I've spent over five years researching and collecting information on how to have a fulfilling, informed, and satisfying freebirth. I am also a Certified Holistic Doula.

With my fifth baby, when my midwife quit five days before my due date, and I ended up using the manuscript to my then-unfinished book to prepare me for an incredible, meant-to-be, unassisted birth. I've taught new parents how to potty their babies from birth with elimination communication for ten years. Now I teach YOU how to experience an undisturbed birth, whether at home or in hospital, assisted by a clinician or not.

[I also teach elimination communication over at Go Diaper Free and I sell small undies + potties at Tiny Undies. At MamaWorx, I help new mamas with tiny babies start businesses like mine. See you at any of these other places in your postpartum - or sooner if you wanna be prepared!]

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
241 pages
The Tiny World Company
ISBN-13 : 978-1736719916
ISBN-10 : 1736719912
BISAC: Pregnancy & Childbirth / Motherhood

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