Night Potty board book

Night Potty board book

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Night Potty is the new bedtime sequel to the very popular board book, Tiny Potty!

This is a pre-bed potty training board book that actually helps young children stay dry at night (and one that can be read to babies as young as 6 months). It:

  • gives the message that children are capable of being dry all night, from an early age
  • doesn't include pictures of diapers or the question of "should I pee in my diaper or not?"
  • doesn't teach children it's okay to pee in their bed
  • doesn't give the message that children should "wait til they're ready" (a message created by a Pampers advocate and pediatrician just two years after disposable diapers hit the market - and has doubled our daytime potty training age!)
  • teaches the actual steps of going to the potty at night
  • has humor appropriate for the ages of 6 month-5 years old
  • makes night pottying "normal" from 6 months to 5 years old.


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