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CLEARANCE - "Bear" - Stuffed Potty Companion

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You'll recognize "Bear" from my popular board books, Tiny Potty and Night Potty, which help babies 6 months and up learn the full pottying routine, beginning to end, without a focus on diapers or "readiness" myths.

By popular demand, you can now get your own Bear for your little one to potty alongside!

(And, might I suggest you get TWO of my new mini potties while you're at it - one for Bear and one for your child?)

Comes with one set of removable pajamas.

Safe for babies - does not contain any buttons or plastic eyeballs that they can choke on, as the eyes and nose are made of thread and soft cloth.

Bear is a little bit top-heavy, but will typically sit unassisted on my small mini potty.

And s/he is very, very soft. :)

**Does not come with the board book(s) as shown in the images...but you may want to grab some anyway while you're here!**

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